.wtv Württemberger Medien GmbH & Co. KG – Advertising with passion – From phone book publishing to modern media house

.wtv Württemberger Medien GmbH (.wtv) is a modern media company residing in Stuttgart. Its success is based on its productive history. With directory media such as “Die Gelben Seiten” (“Yellow Pages”), “Das Telefonbuch” (national telephone books), “Das Örtliche” (local telephone books), the company’s success story began back in 2001. Today, .wtv is one of the largest digi­tal agencies in Baden-Württemberg.

As in the past, .wtv still publishes the major directory media. These are a crucial part of every advertising strategy and have been available as online applications and in mobile form as an app. The company offers small and me­dium-­­­­sized companies advertising services in print, mobile and online format. Its portfolio is extended constantly and can fulfil all requirements for modern forms of advertising.

The comprehensive range of well-known print and online brands forms the basis for individual advertising activities. Clients of .wtv Württem­­berger Medien GmbH are found through all channels. Online experts determine client needs in personal consultations and develop co-­ordinated, forward-looking solutions.

.wtv continually scouts out trends in order to offer its clients the most favourable advertising options available at all times. For clients, this means minimal expenditure together with maximum convenience in respect of carrying out modern, coordinated advertising.

  1. Address

    Withauweg 5
    70439 Stuttgart
    Tel +49 711 820586
    Fax +49 711 82058-899

  2. Management

    Dr. Karl-Rolf Schmid, Oliver van Royen

  3. Year of establishment


  4. Business activity

    Consulting, online marketing, online, mobile and print advertising for small and ­medium-sized companies