VerkehrsGesellschaft Frankfurt am Main mbH: All aboard!

With its nine subway lines, nine tram lines and bus routes, all operated by its subsidiary “In-der-City-Bus” (“In the City Bus” / ICB), the Verkehrs­Gesellschaft Frankfurt (Frankfurt Transport Company, or VGF) makes a vital contribution to mobility in Frankfurt. On weekdays, more than 325,000 commuters make Frankfurt a city of a million people. Only the efficient commuter system provided by the VGF prevents a traffic gridlock.

With about 2,350 employees, the VGF Group is one of Frankfurt’s biggest em­­ployers. It offers secure employment in a growing sector, as the operation and maintenance of buses, subways and trams and the continued development of the infrastructure are services which cannot be outsourced.

By investing in new rolling stock, constructing new routes and upgrading existing routes and stations, the VGF also secures jobs with suppliers and partner companies in Frankfurt and the surrounding area. The VGF continually invests in the expansion of its infrastructure, such as its tramline network, in order to open up the newly-developed suburb of Frankfurter Bogen. The VGF is therefore not only an important motor of urban development, its own services also make Frankfurt more attractive as a commercial centre.


  1. Address

    Kurt-Schumacher-Straße 8
    D-60311 Frankfurt
    Telefon +49 (0) 69 213-03
    Telefax +49 (0) 69 213-22740
  2. Year Of Establishment

    1924 in Darmstadt
  3. Business Activity

    transport services