Upper Austrian Research GmbH: Success through innovation and cooperation

Upper Austrian Research GmbH is the lead­ing company for non-university re­­search in Upper Austria and a key player in the state’s research, technology and innovation policies. It supports the state in tasks related to research policy, the development of research programmes and strategic ongoing development of the fields of research in Upper Austria.

With its associated companies, Upper Austrian Research offers access to topquality R&D capacities at the cross­­­roads between fundamental and application-oriented research. The structure has been chosen to ensure the close cooperation of the companies with the Johannes Kepler University Linz and other leading research institutions. To­­gether with its strong part­­ners, Upper Austrian Research GmbH fo­­cusses on strategic on­­­going development in order to strengthen this aspect in international competition.

In around 400 annual projects – ranging from high-tech solutions for innovative start-ups to future viable product devel­­op­­­­­ments for small and medium enterprises and long-term cooperation projects with industry as part of the COMET com­­petence centre programme – the research centres of Upper Austrian Research GmbH are contributing to success and growth in Upper Austria.


  1. Adress

    Hafenstraße 47-51
    A-4020 Linz
    Telefon +43 (0) 732 9015-5600
    Telefax +43 (0) 732 9015-5618
  2. Managing Director

    DI Dr. Wilfried Enzenhofer, MBA
  3. Year of establishment

  4. Research fields

    Energy efficiency, renewable energies, information technologies, innovative materials, communication technologies, lightweight construction, life science, logistics, mechatronics, process automation,
    process technology
  5. Business activity

    Shareholding management
    Technology management
    Research communication