Tyco Electronics AMP GmbH a TE Connectivity Ltd. company: Innovative Technologies from TE Connectivity

TE Connectivity is a global, US-Dollar 12.1 billion company that designs and manufactures products for customers in virtually every industry – from consumer electronics, energy and healthcare to automotive, aerospace and communication networks. They connect and protect the flow of power and data inside the products – enabling smarter, faster, better technologies to connect products to possibilities.

Especially in the automotive industry, innovations and con­­tinually in­­creas­­ing quality re­­quire­­ments are closely linked. The constantly growing num­­ber of func­­tions in today’s and future motor ve­­hicles re­­­­quires efficient and miscellaneous connector systems, which lead to strict­­er re­­quire­­ments in testing and analyses in coherence to prod­­uct safety. Our Test Com­­pe­­tence Cent­er in Bensheim sets a tech­­nological stand­­­­ard in this field. Our range of services leads from concept and design verification in form of evaluation tests up to product validation. Extensive prod­­uct qualification tests are realized for system developments and new ap­­plications. Failure analysis, customer-spe­­cific and lifetime tests as well as basic re­­search complete the range of capabilities.


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    AMPèrestraße 12–14
    D-64625 Bensheim
    Telefon +49 (0) 6251 133-0
    Telefax +49 (0) 6251 133-1600
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    electronic components
    network solutions
    specialty products
    undersea telecommunication