Thüringer Fernwasserversorgung – More than pure water

Thüringer Fernwasserversorgung (Thuringian distant water supply) has been a qualified water management company for construction and operations in reservoirs, water supply and energy generation for more than a decade. A total of 65 dams not only serve to supply water but also provide flood protection and aid in industrial water supply.

In Thuringia, 45 per cent of the demand for drinking water is covered by water from the reservoirs in Leibis/Lichte, Ohra, Schönbrunn, Scheibe-Alsbach and Neustadt. After the untreated water has left the company’s two treatment plants in Luisenthal and Zeiger­­heim, it arrives at the local water suppliers via a 550 km-long piping network.

Nine million kilowatt hours of alternative energy are generated with eight hydropower plants. Six of these plants are located at the river dam foundation while two further plants are installed in distant water pipes.

The management of water as a growth factor is becoming ever more important in times of climate change. Thus the reactivation of the 37 reservoirs for industrial water is increasing in importance. Thüringer Fern­­wasserversorgung supports the Thuringian Regional Office for the Environment and Geology in maintaining 58 small water tanks on behalf of the State. This diverse range of services is supplemented by the reservoir and hydrology archive.


  1. Address

    Haarbergstraße 37
    99097 Erfurt
    Tel +49 361 5509-100
    Fax +49 361 5509-111

  2. Management

    Thomas Stepputat

  3. Year of establishment

  4. Business activity

    Provider of untreated water and distant water,
    Flood protection,
    Energy generation from hydropower, industrial water supply,
    Managing small water tanks,
    Thuringian reservoir and
    Hydrology archive