Thomas Kraus: International hub in the heart of Europe

From the state capital of Hessen to the whole world: For TNT Express, the loca­­tion of Wiesbaden represents one of the most important junctions in the Euro­pe­­an network. Here, the company operates not only one of its 31 national branch­­es but also its worldwide third-largest sort­­ing centre. Thomas Kraus, chairman of the executive board of TNT Express Ger­­many, about the location and signi­fi­cance of the region for TNT Express:


The Rhine-Main region is Germany’s most important traffic junction. With the Rhine-­Main airport and its CargoCity, the Frank­­furt motorway interchange, the main Frank­­furt railway station and the Frankfurt air­­port long-distance railway station, the re­­gion around Wiesbaden and Frankfurt offers ideal conditions from a traffic lo­­gistics viewpoint. Moreover, numerous companies have settled here in sectors for which TNT Express can offer cus­­tomized transportation solutions.
How well-positioned are we in this high­ly interesting region? As the third-largest fa­­cility in the worldwide TNT Express net­work, our location in Wiesbaden plays a decisive role in optimizing operational proc­­esses as well as shortening national and international run times. As one of the lead­­ing providers of expedited service in the B2B field, TNT Express makes up to 4.4 million weekly time-critical deliveries to destinations in over 200 countries. To this effect, 26,600 vehicles and over 40 com­­pany-­­owned aeroplanes are being de­ployed. Our own hubs are junctions in the world­­wide network, where single deliveries are instantly transferred and redirected. From its Wiesbaden hub, TNT Express can reach 30 destinations in Germany and up­­wards of 520 across Europe – partly by land, part­­ly by way of our aerial network. For this purpose, we set up our own perma­nent shuttle trucking service between the road hub in Wiesbaden and the TNT Air­freight Center at the Frankfurt airport, which is synchronized with the flight departure times.
Our clients – almost exclusively industrial and commercial companies – are entitled to expect from us, as a premium service provider, that we offer them an uninterrupted, punctual and reliable ser­­­vice network. In this regard, our Wi­­es­baden hub is an ideal location – in the middle of the flow of goods and in prox­­imity to our customers in the region.Hub means centre. Like the spokes of a wheel, multiple connections converge at this central location. Those hubs in our net­­work are crucial building blocks of a strategic orientation towards present and future developments in the field of ex­­pe­­dited transport service.


This is where traffic merges, splits up, and is directed. In Germany, the high serv­­ice level of TNT Express products is achieved by means of a “backbone” com­­prising three hubs, which provides our clients a critical time and quality advantage: While deliveries within the North are transferred at the Hanover hub and those within the South at the Nu­­rem­­berg hub, the Wiesba­­den fa­­cility serves as a north-south and east-west junction – including cross-border deliveries.
Our gates to the world are the international road hub in Arnheim and the TNT Express air hub in Liège. Those two lo­­­­ca­­tions connect us with the group’s world­­wide network and provides our clients access to trade with, say, the so-called BRIC countries: Brazil, Russia, India, and China. With their above-average growths, they have been on the verge of catching up with the “old” economic powers for years now. To provide our clients the best possible connection with those econom­ic powerhouses, TNT Express has been making long-term investments in all emerg­ing markets of the global economy – and our hub in Wiesbaden ensures a quick and trouble-free traffic of goods with those regions.
In other words: The location of Wies­baden puts us exactly where our clients need us. The various services offered by TNT Express have your needs covered at all times. They range from our standard prod­­­ucts to professional branch-specific solutions for the life science, automo­tive and high-tech markets. For deliveries that, due to their size, weight or extraordinary time requirements, cannot be han­­dled by the standard Express network, our special services open up unique al­­­ternatives: nation- and Europe-wide direct deliveries, international air charter, on­­board couriers, and other options are available for every transportation requirement.


By the way, the Rhine-Main region has more to offer to the TNT Express network than outstanding traffic connections. As a premium service provider, we rely on skilled and motivated personnel – which we can find in the region. Already, the lo­­gistics and mobility sector in Hessen now­adays employs more than 200,000 peo­ple. Moreover, no other region in Ger­ma­­ny boasts an equally high density of scientists and companies in the mobility and logistics branches. That, too, is part of the structural conditions that have made our success story in Wiesbaden possible. Since opening the hub in 2001, we have doubled our administrative and non-ad­­min­­istrative staff to a total of 400.
As a sustainability-conscious company, we are, of course, aware of our signi­fi­­cance for the location. Employing young talent, for example, is one of our prior­ities. Every year, many young persons are trained in logistics and business professions, and our branch has maintained a training part­­nership with the Wiesbaden Ora­nien­schu­le (school) since 2009. This is a way for us not only to fulfil our responsibility but al­­so to bring the students closer to the econ­­omy and our company – after all, today’s students will be tomorrow’s professionals.

I am therefore convinced that the Rhine-­­Main region and TNT Express are a per­­fect match – in a productive cooperation, which makes a lasting contribution to the economic growth of the region as well as its significance in the international move­­ment of goods and services.


TNT_Express_GER_CEO_Thomas_KrausThomas Kraus was born in 1966 and has occupied various management po­­si­­tions at TNT Express Germany since 1 July 1990. Be­­fore becoming chairman of the executive board in 2006, he had been managing director of sales, marketing and customer service for three years.