SUZLON Energy Ltd. / GmbH: World-class wind power for a greener tomorrow

SUZLON is one of the leading global wind players. Headquartered in Pune, India, the company has a presence across 32 countries, over 13,000 employees worldwide, and world-class R & D centres in Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark and India.

The SUZLON Group’s product portfolio is aimed at taking wind energy to every type of customer – ranging from onshore wind turbine generators at 600 kilowatts to the world’s largest commercial wind turbine generator at 6.15 megawatts.

SUZLON’s investments in backward integration and R & D allows the company to take advantage of opportunities that many others cannot reach – as a component manufacturer, as a manufacturer of wind turbine generators, and a full spectrum solution provider. SUZLON pioneered the ‘concept to commissioning’ model, opening the market to new customer segments. SUZLON’s services range from feasibility studies, complex front-end engineering design, construction, installation and commissioning to long-term operations as well as the breadth of customer requirements across the wind energy value chain. This enables SUZLON to provide end-to-end turnkey solutions and allows indivi­dual financial investors to purchase SUZLON wind turbine generators.




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    Kurt-Dunkelmann-Straße 5
    D-18057 Rostock
    Telefon +49 (0) 381 12884-0
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  3. Business activity

    Research and development
    of wind turbine generators