SubCtech GmbH from Kiel brings oceanography and offshore technology together

SubCtech has established itself on the world market as a supplier of maritime technology.

“Ocean Monitoring” systems deliver, among other things, CO2 data in connection with climate change, the status of the oceans or for the industrial monitoring of offshore oil and gas production. Whether on research vessels such as the POLARSTERN or on underwater stations in China, OceanPack™ systems work autonomously and are self-­calibrating and self-cleaning. Current CO2 measurements are often conducted using our equipment.

“Ocean Power” Li-Ion underwater batteries are the “electric underwater sockets” for scientific measurements or industrial applications. We manufacture the world´s probably largest Li-Ion battery for autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs, so-called drones). At present, no other company on the world market can supply batteries providing power up to several 100 kWh (e-vehicles: 10-90 kWh) for use at depths up to 6,000 metres.

In close collaboration with our customers and our highly motivated, excellently trained team, we implement projects and complete orders with innovative technology, while being flexible and efficient. Easy mainten­ance and operation, long service life and the outstanding reliability of our products reduce costs and provide highest productivity for our customers.


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    Wellseedamm 3

    24145 Kiel

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  2. Management

    Stefan Marx

  3. Business activity

    Sensor systems including CO2 measuring Li-Ion underwater batteries