Stadtwerke Gotha GmbH: From the region for the region

Since its founding in 1991, Stadtwerke Gotha GmbH has reliably supplied the city and surrounding municipalities with heat, electricity and gas. Today, approximately 40,000 households, public facilities, administrations and companies benefit from their services. The company is deeply rooted in the area as an important energy supplier and notable employer, and as such pays particular attention to its social responsibility. This includes being proactive in implementing the goals of the transition to alternative energies and advocating an environmentally-friendly energy supply.

In a coming model project, the Stadt­werke Gotha and the city plan to connect the Bahnhofsquartier (railway station district) to the district heating grid. Reducing the use of primary energies by at least 26 per cent and reducing CO2 emissions in the service area are the main aims – providing a sustainable contribution to the development of the city that will benefit everyone involved. After all, lower energy costs in heating supply are beneficial for proprietors, investors and owners of residents of the Gründerzeit district.

This project can be successfully completed by modernising the technical systems, using state-of-the-art digital measurement and control technology, and optimising grid operation and energy generation. The use of renewable energies is also an important core topic: ways to use energy sources such as geothermal energy, solar thermal energy and photovoltaics need to be examined. As part of the European Regional Development Fund’s GREEN invest project, a feasibility study was commissioned to implement these ambitious goals.

By using a combination of renewable energies, efficient heat reservoirs and the latest control technology in heating supply a nationwide showcase project in which recent scientific findings can be integrated should be implemented in the future. The aim is also to act as a role model for other municipal housing co-operatives and energy suppliers. Construction is currently planned to start as early as 2017 and a supply connection is to be established by 2018.

Die Geschäftsführer Elmar Burgard und Norbert Kaschek

Die Geschäftsführer Elmar Burgard und Norbert Kaschek

Thanks to regular investments in the development, modernisation and expansion of the grids and connections, Stadtwerke Gotha will be able to provide even more people with local, environmentally-friendly energy in future.



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    Elmar Burgard
    Norbert Kaschek

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    Energy generation
    Energy supply (electricity, gas, district heating)
    Technical services
    Grid expansion