SIVG-ICJ Gruppe: Success through Competent Property Development and High-Level Tenant Service

The SIVG-ICJ Group originated from a real estate services provider. As a provider of supervision and user services to various banks in the field of distressed real estate, founder Jochen Voigt laid the foundations for the new company in 1996. Since 1999, he has used the skills he has acquired to purchase and develop his own properties. His core business was initially buying, developing and then reselling individual properties and larger stocks of real estate. Keeping and developing his own stock of real estate has been Voigt’s main area of business since 2005. Currently, the Group manages some 10,000 residential and commercial units.

With municipalities especially, the SIVG-ICJ Group has proven itself to be a reliable partner in the purchase, development and managing stocks of real estate and has a large number of successful former municipal housing developments. The basis of the Group’s success is its service-oriented, on-site tenant services provided by its own employees. This service enjoys great popularity with tenants and leads to stable occupation rates.


  1. Adress

    Göschwitzer Straße 56

    07745 Jena

    Tel +49 3641 293488-0

    Fax +49 3641 2279-46

  2. Management

    Jochen Voigt

  3. Year of establishment


  4. Business activity

    Acquiring, developing and managing real estate stocks. Creating and offering modern residential space at fair prices.