SICK AG: In dialogue with the customer

The activities of SICK AG are focused on increasingly intelligent sensors and sensor solutions in factory, logistics and process automation systems. The company was formed in 1946 and it has since become an independent, internationally active company group with some 5,000 employees. Continual innovation and leadership in technology and costs ensure SICK’s leading position in numerous world and applications markets.

SICK is a technology-based company group for the capital goods industry and sells its products and services to industrial customers. Nevertheless, the know-how of the creative minds of its employees affects many areas in our daily life. Whether it is the right packaging for consumer goods or filling drinks, online shopping on the internet, monitoring the air in tunnels or everything to do with checking in at the airport – SICK’s sensors, safety systems and scanners ensure that everything runs smoothly everywhere. The overall development of this high-tech company, which changed its name from Erwin Sick GmbH in 1996 to the present day SICK AG, has also been successful. With almost 50 subsidiaries and holdings in more than 30 countries and many specialized agencies, SICK is represented worldwide. In particular, the group’s continuous growth is a result of consistent product innovation, its intensive involvement in international growth markets, its qualified employees and its high-level applications competence. Customer requirements are regarded as challenges and customers are involved closely in the development of solutions. Excellent customer value and hence investment safety for the customers originates from “sensor intelligence”.

The key to investment safety for SICK customers is the interface variability of its products. Thus, SICK is and remains open for all automation systems and can accommodate a wide variety of customer requirements at all times. The high performance of its products is reflected in their diverse range of uses.



  1. Address

    Erwin-Sick-Straße 1
    D-79183 Waldkirch
    Telefon +49 (0) 7681 202-0
    Telefax +49 (0) 7681 202-3863
  2. Year Of Establishment

  3. Business Activity

    automobile and automobile components
    manufacturing industry, electronics industry
    and, warehouse and goods-handling equipment,
    packaging industry, foodstuffs and beverages
    industry, mechanical and plant engineering,
    materials handling equipment, printing
    and paper industry, energy management,
    environmental and processing technology