RSD Richard Schulz-Dusenschön e.K.: Environmentally friendly disposable wooden products

The RSD family company makes pro­­d­ucts which each make a contribution to preserving the environment and the climate. We have been accepting responsibility, conserving re­­sources and practising recycling for over 65 years through the renewable resources wood from controlled growing areas.

Our plant in Asia has been making disposable products for chain restaurants, the food industry and for medical and chemical purposes in accordance with the applicable stand­­ards since 1989. From one-way cut­­lery through small forks for french-fries to oral spatulas, our product range is very broad. It also includes products for further automated mechanical processing. Our expertise and years of experience on the international market enable us to implement customers’ ideas quickly and flexibly and offer customised solutions. For special requirements, the surfaces of our products can be made more stable and easier to use by means of a pure, natural sealing. Continual quality, responsible action and transparence in all areas are confirmed by years of partnership with our customers. In early 2016, the third generation joined the team.


  1. Adress

    Im Gleisdreieck 8

    23566 Lübeck

    Tel +49 451 73137

    Fax +49 451 622072

  2. Management

    Angela Barche

  3. Year of establishment


  4. Business activity

    Production and sale of standard and individual disposable wooden products.

  5. Certifications

    ISO 22000 PAS 223

    ISO 9001