Pöppelmann GmbH & Co. KG Kunststoffwerk–Werkzeugbau: Precision products made of plastic

The Pöppelmann Group in Lohne is one of Europe’s leading companies in the plas­­­tics processing industry. More than 1,600 em­­ploy­ees, five production sites worldwide and more than 450 injection moulding machines, thermoforming lines and ex­­trud­­ers attest to the dynamic develop­ment of the family-owned company found­­ed in 1949. Today the company operates four different divisions:

Pöppelmann KAPSTO develops and manu­­factures more than 3,000 different types of plastic protective elements. They are used in literally all industry sectors such as ma­­chin­­­­ery manufacturing, hydraulic and pneu­­matic systems and/or surface technology. KAPSTO caps and plugs are used during production, shipping, storage or painting. All standard KAPSTO parts are supplied ex stock in freely se­­lecta­­ble quan­­tities. On re­­quest, KAPSTO also devel­­ops and manu­fac­­tures custom solu­­tions tailored to the cus­­tomer’s requirements.

As a reliable partner for the automotive, elec­­­­­­­trical and machinery industry, the Pöppel­­­mann K-TECH division develops and manu­­­­fac­­tures high-precision injec­­tion mould­ed parts of the highest quality.

Technical functional parts and packaging for the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and medical industry are developed and produced by Pöppelmann FAMAC.

A wide range of plant pots and breeding sys­­tems for professional horticulture to­­gether with decorative planters for private consumers have made Pöppelmann TEKU – the fourth division – the European market leader.

Pöppelmann uses its plastics ex­­pertise con­­­­­­sist­­ently through­­out the whole pro­­cess from de­­vel­­op­­ment to manu­­­fac­tur­­­­­­ing. Cus­tom­er-ori­­­­ented project sup­­port, mod­­ern high-speed CAD devel­­op­­­­ment tools and rapid proto­­­typ­­ing, a high pre­­ci­­­­­sion in-house mould shop and efficient serial production are the reasons why Pöppel­­mann has b­­e­­come a tech­­no­­logy leader. This also in­­cludes the use of techno­logies such as clean-room production, in-mould labelling, 2-component injec­­tion moulding, formed in place foam gaskets (FIPFG), MuCell, water injection tech­­nology or vibration welding, together with fully auto­ma­ted assem­­bly and finishing solutions.

The certified quality and ex­­cel­­­­­­lent customer service “Made by Pöppelmann” are valued in over 70 countries worldwide.


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    plastic protective elements, technical
    injection moulded parts, technical
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    pots, breeding systems, planters