OSCOMED GmbH – B2B integrated manufacturing for medical technology

OSCOMED GmbH in Sonneberg provides plastic components that are used in a further production site in the Czech Republic to produce successful medical devices.

Since its founding, OSCOMED has been producing injection moulded components for cardiology and cardiac surgery. Currently, the company produces components for cardiac pacemakers, heart-lung machines and cannulas for vascular surgical interventions that are subject to national and European requirements as well as those of the US FDA. Medical tubes are also extruded. Therefore, the company provides all relevant services in the medtec sector – from research and development at a Baden-Württemberg joint site via cleanroom production, testing and validation methods to ethylene oxide gas sterilization.

In addition to standard injection moulding processes and micro-injection mould­­ing technology, the gas injection moulding process is also available. When it comes to optimal injection moulded com­­ponents, OSCOMED has strict standards for tool manu­­facturing and maintenance of the injection moulding tools. Regular controls and ideal cleanroom management ensure a high quality, low bioburden and low particle contamination of products.


  1. Adress

    Am Lindenbach 3

    96515 Sonneberg

    Tel +49 3675 43970-0

    Fax +49 3675 43970-79



  2. Management

    Oliver-Marc Rados

  3. Year of establishment


  4. Employees

    Over 25

  5. Business activity

    Medial technology components made of plastic

  6. Certification

    The company manufactures in accordance with ISO 13485 and fulfils the requirements of the US FDA for “Good Manufacturing Practice” (GMP).