OPG Offenbacher Projektentwicklungsgesellschaft mbH

Hafen Offenbach – greater quality of life in a sustainable way

OPG Offenbacher Projektentwicklungs­gesellschaft mbH, a 100 per cent sub­­sidiary of SOH Stadtwerke Offen­­bach Holding, supports city and location de­­­­velopment as a partner of the City of Offenbach. With its services, it supports Offen­­bach’s transformation from an in­­dustrial city to a modern creative and business location. The OPG is contri­­b­­uting to changing the image of Offen­­bach in a positive and future-oriented way. It implements stra­­te­­gi­­cally signif­­icant projects competently and reli­­ably on behalf of the city. The OPG’s role is diverse. Alongside project management for the new construc­­tion of the Sparda Bank Hessen Sta­­dium at Bieberer Berg, the development of the port area is one of the most important current projects.

A green, urban quarter is being built on the site of the former industrial port, in the heart of the Rhine-Main metropolitan region. The OPG is developing the 26 hectare port quarter with a view to the long term. It is built on a sustainable, forward-looking concept which will create lasting added value for users and investors and give the region a boost. In 2011, Hafen Offenbach was one of the first urban quarters to be awarded the Gold pre-certificate in the New Con­­struction Urban Quarter category by the German Sustainable Building Council.


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    Daniela Matha
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