MBG H Mittelständische Beteiligungsgesellschaft Hessen mbH


Capital for growth and innovation – MBG H as important partner of SME in Hessen

MBG H Mittelständische Beteiligungs­ges­­ellschaft Hessen mbH is a pub­­lic­ly supported venture capital com­­pany of the industry, which offers par­­ticipation to small and medium-sized en­­terprises lo­­cated in the federal state of Hessen. It supports investments and ex­­penses with­­in company growth, the development and marketing of new products, innova­tive tech­­nol­ogies or company succession. For a du­­ration of ten years, MBG H pro­­vides cap­­ital at favourable terms and con­­ditions by way of a silent partnership; the imparted cap­­ital ranges from 130,000 euros to 1.5 million euros. In its partic­u­lar business segment, MBG H closes an ex­­isting gap in the financing of small and medium-sized enterprises. MBG H is be­­ing supported by guarantees of the Bürg­schafts­bank Hessen, the state of Hessen and the Fed­­eral Government of Ger­many.

In its capacity as a temporary partner, MBG H does not interfere with the pro­­c­­ess of decision-making of a company. The granted favourable terms and conditions will remain unchanged during the stipu­lated time. Besides the agreed sub­­ordinated claim, what is also particular­ly important is the fact that the improvement in creditworthiness for the compa­­ny and for the entrepreneur as well is normally not linked to any kind of se­­c­u­­rity in any way.


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