maxit Baustoffwerke GmbH: Building is maxit

Building is maxit. True to this motto, we have been supplying building materials for almost 25 years, which are used by architects, property owners and crafts around Europe to bring their visions to life. The maxit Baustoffwerke GmbH has been continuously working on its growth since its founding of its main plant in Krölpa in 1991: our company currently consists of four building material plants and one paste products facility. We manu­­facture masonry mortar, concrete, base plaster, high-grade plaster, colours, thermal insulation systems, tile cement, screed/floor-­levelling compounds and special products under the maxit brand. And let’s not forget the constantly evolving, comprehensive expertise and services for machine technology and silos. We also operate our own open pit and underground mining, which allows us to generate a portion of the required raw materials directly. This has created the conditions that have made our gypsum plant in Krölpa one of the most modern in Europe.

The basis for our successful operations in the region are a highly motivated and quali­fied team and numerous significant investments in the modernisation, efficiency and safety of the company. The interaction of these factors has resulted in being able to register an absolute customer satisfaction and healthy growth; we offer secure jobs and can count on attracting qualified young talents to our vocational training programme.


  1. Address

    Brandensteiner Weg 1
    07387 Krölpa
    Tel +49 3647 433-0
    Fax +49 3647 433-380

  2. Management

    Hans-Dieter Groppweis
    Norbert Pauli
    Matthias Neumeister

  3. Year of establishment

    1870 – The first gypsum plant was founded under the gypsum hills in Krölpa.
    1991 – maxit Baustoffwerke GmbH in Krölpa is founded as a wholly owned subsidiary of Franken Maxit.

  4. Business activity

    Building materials for segments including: shell construction,
    façade, interiors, floors, gardens and landscaping, engineering