Lohmann GmbH & Co. KG: Innovative bonding solutions for global markets

In view of its 160-year-old history, Loh­mann – and its worldwide staff of over 1,500 – today offers state-of-the-art bon­ding solutions. With six ultra-advanced coating facilities in Europe, Asia and America, 17 of its own subsidiaries as well as exclusive sales partners in upwards of 50 countries, the Lohmann adhesive tape group is inter­natio­nally well positioned.

In the business fields of technical products and hygiene, ad­­hesive tape solutions are being developed and produced for a multitude of applications. For instance, Lohmann supplies companies in the automotive, printing, building & construction and consumer goods industries as well as mobile communication. Furthermore, the electronic industry, the renewable energy sector and medical technology are increasingly gaining in importance. Besides global specification work, the per­formances of Loh­­mann bonding engineers also include individual product develop­ment. Through the mechanical inte­­gration of bonding solutions in the customer’s production processes, the bon­ding engineers ensure professional advice in all matters of bonding technology.



  1. Address

    Postfach 1454
    D-56504 Neuwied
    Irlicher Straße 55
    D-56567 Neuwied
    Telefon: +49 (0) 2631 34-0
    Telefax: +49 (0) 2631 34-6661
  2. Year of establishment

  3. Business activity

    Supplying the automotive,
    building & construction, consumer goods,
    printing and electronic industries
    as well as the fields of renewable energy,
    medical technology,
    mobile communication and hygiene
    Technical products Americas
    Technical products Asia Pacific,
    Technical products EMEA (Europe,
    Middle East, Africa)