LMK Anstalt des Öffentlichen Rechts: LMK – we shape media responsibility


The LMK – State Media Authority of Rhine­­­land-Palatinate (“Landeszentrale für Medien und Kom­­­­­­­­­­munikation”) is the re­­gu­­­­­­­la­­­tory authority responsible for media in Rhine­­land-Palatinate. Its role includes licens­­ing private radio and television broad­casters as well as telemedia and internet services and supervising their pro­­gram­­ming. LMK ensures that statu­­­tory re­­gu­­lations concer­­­n­­­ing the private media sec­­tor are met and that media users are provided with a wide va­­­­­­riety of pro­gra­m­­m­­­­­es and media content.

LMK is actively involved in the digi­­tal­­i­s­­­­ation of broadcasting tech­­­­­nology and supports both private broad­­­­­­casting pro­­vi­­d­­ers as well as open chan­­nel television in the transition to the digital world. Rhine­­­­land-­­Palatinate has a state-wide network of open channels, in which citizens can ac­­­­­­tively and independently create and broad­­­­cast television programming. The area of media literacy is a particular focus in de­­signing media responsibility. LMK is in­­volved in numerous projects, co­­op­­er­­­­a­­tion and initiatives at the regional, state, natio­­nal and EU levels, in order to estab­­­­­­lish and provide a contin­­uous net­­work of attract­ive and innova­­tive media choices in prevent­­­­­­­ive youth protection, me­­dia edu­­­­­­­­cation, open channels, all-day schools, safer inter­­net and media pro­­vision. The LMK is a member of the Directors’ Con­­­­­­­fer­­ence of the German Media Authorities.


  1. Address

    Turmstraße 10

    D-67059 Ludwigshafen

    Telefon +49 (0) 621 5202-0

    Telefax +49 (0) 621 5202-152



  2. Director

    Renate Pepper
  3. Assembly

    42 members

    Chairman of the assembly:
    Albrecht Bähr


    Commission on Licensing 

    and Supervision (ZAK)

    Conference of Chairpersons of 

    the Decision-Taking Councils (GVK)

    Commission for the Protection 

    of Minors in the Media (KJM)

    Commission on Concentration 

    in the Media (KEK)


  4. Business activity

    Regulation, supervising,
    licensing, technology,
    open channels, media literacy,
    preventive youth protection,
    safer internet