Lebe Gesund Steinmühlen Brot GmbH: Hochwertige Lebensmittel ­aus Friedfertigem Landbau

The “Lebe Gesund” com­­pany has set itself the task of man­­u­facturing and selling its own, vegan-vegetarian, high-quality food, using Peaceable Culti­vation methods.

In line with the principle “From Field to Customer – Everything From One Hand”, grain pro­d­­­­ucts are ground gently in the com­pany’s own stone mill and baked into a tasty bread according to traditional na­­tural sourdough methods.
In the vegetarian department, vegetables, herbs and fruit are processed into vegan-vege­­tarian spreads and gourmet products. These are then sold through the company’s own sales locations in South­­ern Germany and by the Lebe Gesund mail order around the world.

Grains and fresh produce are all grown through Peaceable Cultivation, the guid­e­­­­­lines of which far exceed those of the usual organic farming methods. They are all grown using the three-field-rotation method with no chemicals and sol­­id or liquid manure. Ac­­cording to the principle of the Sermon on the Mount of Jesus of Nazareth, “Do not do to others what you would not have them do to you”, which in the Original C­­hristian farm­­ing philosophy also applies to animals, the company keeps no livestock and kills no animals. The result are highest-qual­­ity and best-tasting products according to the motto: “Always be loyal and honest”.



  1. Address

    Max-Braun-Straße 4
    D-97828 Marktheidenfeld
    Telefon +49 (0) 9391 504-282
    Free order line:
    +49 (0) 800 122-4000
  2. Gründungsjahr

    1984 mit der Gründung
    des ersten landwirtschaftlichen Betrieb
  3. Business activity

    Manufacture and sale of foodstuffs from peaceable cultivation in Lower Franconia according to the basic principle “From Field to Customer – Everything From One Hand”. Germany’s largest stone mill, bakery,
    confectionery, vegan-vegetarian
    delicatessen production,
    sales locations and mail order house