Landkreis Ilm-Kreis: The Ilm district in Thuringia­ – rich in tradition, strong on innovation

The Ilm district stretches south of Erfurt, the capital of the state of Thuringia, to the legendary Rennsteig, the ridgeway of the Thuringian Forest. Thanks to a combination of tradition and modernity, its economic power and charming nature, this district offers an outstanding quality of life for the young and young at heart. Its Technology Region Ilmenau Arnstadt (TRIA) represents an innovative economic and scientific area. The region’s economic structure is strong due to a healthy mix of industries, and its Erfurter Kreuz indus­­trial area provides investors and companies with the largest settlement spaces available in Thuringia.

The education and scientific work at the Ilmenau University of Technology have always been in close contact with business. Through cooperation between the college, research facilities and companies, TRIA distinguishes itself by putting re­­search and development results to quick and practical use.

Thanks to not only its rich cultural heri­tage, characterised mainly by the works and lives of the two celebrated public characters Johann Sebastian Bach and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, but also its outstanding location and diverse natural landscapes, the Ilm district is an attractive destination for tourists and day trippers.




  1. Address

    Ritterstraße 14
    D-99310 Arnstadt
    Telefon +49 (0) 3628 738-100
    Telefax +49 (0) 3628 738-111
  2. Area

    843 square kilometres
  3. Infrastructure

    Erfurt-Weimar Airport;
    A4, A9, A71 and A73 motorways;
    ICE connection in Erfurt;
    one hospital with three sites;
    Ilmenau University of Technology,
    art college, Ilmenau college,
    three secondary, eleven private and
    22 primary schools, two trade schools,
    44 youth facilities;
    numerous museums and cultural offerings, varied sports opportunities
    such as cross-country skiing, luge, GutsMuths cross-country race