Landkreis Eichsfeld: A vital economy and a charming landscape


The Eichsfeld district is located in the northwest of the Free State of Thuringia – embedded between the Harz mountains, the Hessian low mountains and the Hainich hill chain. It grew out of the 1994 merger of the Heiligenstadt and Worbis districts. The idyllic Werra Valley is the lowest point in the district while the Ohmgebirge, Dün, Westerwald and Gobert ridges climb up to 543 metres.


Many people associate the district with a charming landscape as well as dependable and hard-working people, whose tradi­­tional lifestyle is predominantly characterised by their Catholic faith. This represents the true capital of our region, whose inhabitants have proven to be rooted in their soil, on the one hand, yet very flexible in everyday competition, on the other hand. Through generations, a lively econ­­omy has emerged, which is oriented towards small and medium-sized enterprises. Alongside traditional yet innovative craftsmanship, high-tech companies boasting state-of-the-art production methods are found. Here, investors profit from well-developed spaces, a highly skilled labour force as well as the proximity to the scientific locations of Göttingen and Kassel. Whether you are an entrepreneur seeking an investment location, a tourist on an idyllic country holiday or a guest at the Heiligenstadt health spa – the Eichsfeld district has a lot to offer.



  1. Address

    Friedensplatz 8
    D-37308 Heilbad Heiligenstadt
    Telefon +49 (0) 3606 650-0
    Telefax +49 (0) 3606 650-9000
  2. Area

    940 square kilometres
  3. Infrastructure

    39 kilometres of motorway, 42 kilometres of federal roads, 58 kilometres of railways;
    one district hospital;
    five secondary schools, 14 private schools,
    30 primary schools, six trade schools,
    62 daycare centres;
    nine outdoor and five indoor swimming pools;
    twelve tennis courts, 96 sports grounds,
    182 playgrounds;
    741 kilometres of cycle paths