Landkreis Dachau: Dachau County – Munich’s business region

The county of Dachau is in the centre of the knowledge-based metropolitan area of Munich. The once well-kept se­­cret has become a sought-after business location on the north-western edge of Munich, whether for large global companies, innovative medium-sized businesses or strong-growing start-ups. The socio-economic and infrastructure con­­­­ditions are ideal for almost any kind of trade. This is due to the direct links in the county – both to local authorities and to central facilities of the nearby state capital of Munich, such as the air­port, trade fairs or financial, scienti­f­­ic and research institutions. The struc­­ture of the local economy is in fact very diverse. Significant industries in­­clude the automotive and IT sectors. People enjoy living in the county of Dachau because everyone can develop to their full po­­ten­­tial. To ensure this, the county and muni­­cipalities provide a modern infrastruc­­ture, including broadbank network. The flood plains of the rivers Amper and Glonn, sports facilities, beautiful swim­­­ming lakes as well as biking and hiking trails provide recreation opportunities near by. The Dachau Palace Concerts, music, cabaret and theatre events as well as exhibitions, club parties and traditional fes­­tivals, car­­nival parades, markets and fun fairs and the artists’ colony in Dachau enrich pub­­lic life and promote commu­nity cohesion.



  1. Address

    Weiherweg 16
    D-85221 Dachau
    Telefon +49 (0) 8131 74-367 oder -252
    Telefax +49 (0) 8131 74-245
  2. Area

    579.16 square kilometre
  3. Infrastructure

    Access to the airport and to the
    motorway and railway network;
    two county hospitals;
    13 retirement homes;
    123 day-care centres;
    25 elementary and general schools,
    three secondary schools,
    three grammar schools;
    commercial college and Bavarian International School;
    207 sport and gun clubs;
    13 museums and 585 historic monuments;