Landesverband der Betriebskrankenkassen Baden-Württemberg: Ensuring success together

The BKK (company health insurance funds) is the type of German statutory health insurance fund that due to its diversity best addresses the needs of its members. A large number of excellent health protective programmes, assistance in times of illness and targeted company health promotion offer BKK members all-round health protection.

With needs-based care concepts and proximity to the companies, each BKK focuses on providing the best possible care for its members in or­­der to contribute to a high level of service and to ef­­ficient and assured quality health care for all members of the public health in­­sur­­ance system in Germany.

The BKK Health Insur­ance Fund Association of Baden-Württemberg assists health insurance funds and other partners in the healthcare system on a targeted and individual basis with a range of innovative products and services – from advice on services and insurance law to increasingly complex financing issues.

Through this type of active healthcare we all successfully safeguard medical care of the future.



  1. Address

    Stuttgarter Straße 105
    D-70806 Kornwestheim
    Telefon +49 (0) 7154 1316-0
    Telefax +49 (0) 7154 1316-9600
  2. Year Of Establishment

    21 January 1908: Foundation of the South German company health insurance fund association which later became the
    BKK Health Insurance Funds Association in
    Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria
  3. Business Activity

    its statutory tasks pursuant to section 211 of volume V of the German Social Affairs Code are: representing the views of the BKK system to state and federal government organs, providing services to health insurance funds and other parties involved in the health system, such as advising on matters of services and insurance law, financial and legal matters, data protection and data security