Kyffhäuserkreis: Kyffhäuser district – unique history, exciting tourism, innovative economy

The Kyffhäuser district stretches between the Harz mountains and the Thuringian Forest. The region’s historic proximity to the great trade routes and its natural salt deposits provided it with wealth and pros­­­perity, which is reflected in noble town houses and halls. Today’s political, economic and cultural centres of the Kyff­häuser district include mostly the mining and music town Sondershausen, the spa town Bad Frankenhausen and the city of Artern with its emergent industrial park. Having generated over 1,000 jobs since 1990, the electrical component manufacturer WAGO Kontakttechnik GmbH & Co. KG is the region’s largest employer. The Kyffhäuser district currently counts approximately 4,500 companies, many of which have become known beyond the region thanks to international business relations and innovations. More­­­over, the region is a true tourism gem, offering bicycle paths and hiking trails in magnificent natural surroundings. Out­­standing places of interest include mostly the Kyffhäuser Monument and Sonders­hausen Palace, whose starred restaurant, concerts and special exhibitions are always worth the trip. However, art-historical treasures such as the Panorama Museum Bad Frankenhausen, housing Europe’s largest cyclorama, also make the case for a visit. “It is rewarding to live and invest here,” says district administrator Peter Hengstermann in welcoming visitors.


  1. Address

    Markt 8
    D-99706 Sondershausen
    phone +49 (0) 3632 741-101
    fax +49 (0) 3632 741-810
  2. Area

    1,035 square kilometre
  3. Infrastructure

    Industrial zone
    Artern/Ringleben: 170 hectares;
    motorway network A71/A38;
    federal road network B4, B84,
    B85, B86, B249;
    one hospital with two sites,
    saltwater spa and health resort;
    58 daycare centres, eight private schools,
    four secondary schools, one vocational school centre, one vocational school;
    National GeoPark Kyffhäuser