Klinikum Stuttgart: medicine for life

Klinikum Stuttgart offers maximum medical care and also functions as a teaching hospital of Tübingen University with direct access to the latest diagnostic and therapeutic methods. With its four locations Bürger­hospital, Katharinen­hospital, Kranken­haus Bad Cannstatt und Olgahospital, it is one of the biggest and most competent health care centres in Germany. It is the municipal hospital of the city of Stuttgart, the State Capital of Baden-Württemberg.

Klinikum Stuttgart’s more than 50 clinics and institutes offer a high level of specialisation and a comprehensive range of services in almost all medical disciplines. These cover the entire range of modern, high-efficiency medical care from pre-natal diagnostics and intensive care of new-born babies through all special disciplines in paediatric and adult medicine to geriatric diseases. The interdisciplinary cooperation ensures the appropriate therapy for all ages and illnesses.

Klinikum Stuttgart has a total of 2,100 beds and places for the treatment of out-patients. Every year, some 85,000 in-patients and about 420,000 out-patients are treated. Its over 6,600 staff ensure human, competent and excellent medical and nursing care for all patients.


  1. Address

    Siemensstraße 20
    Kriegsbergstraße 60
    D-70174 Stuttgart
    Telefon +49 (0) 711 278-32001
    Telefax +49 (0) 711 278-32009
  2. Year Of Establishment

    the merger of the four hospitals
    belonging to the Klinikum Stuttgart
  3. Business Activity

    comprehensive medical care
    at university level