ITson GmbH: …more than 20 years of experience in corporate-IT

header_itsonWe are your partner in a rapidly chang­­ing IT world. Constant training and regular further educations of our employees ensure, that we meet the fast growing requirements of corporate IT at all times.

In 2007, we already started to get specialized in the field of digital document archiving- and document management systems. Beginning with document- and e-mail archiving, we expanded the field of digitization of business processes in the recent years.

With the help of our ITson-ProcessManager, we’re supporting national and international companies by the optimization of their business processes.

Starting from the offer- or order workflow, through the digital control of production processes, to the legally and GOBD compliant processing of digital incoming- or outgoing invoices, with our solutions your processes will be efficient, fast and controllable.

The ITson-ProcessManager was rewarded with the IT Innovation Award for Business Intelligence of “Business Initiative” in 2016!


  1. Address

    Köppelsdorfer Straße 100
    96515 Sonneberg
    Tel +49 3675 4201-3
    Fax +49 3675 4201-44

  2. Management

    Uwe Scheler

  3. Business activity

    IT Security
    IT Network
    IT Monitoring

  4. Reference

    ASKION (Gera)
    Beetz Bauelemente (Erfurt)
    Deutsches Rotes Kreuz (Suhl)
    Dr. Eberhardt (Kahla)
    EPSA (Saalfeld)
    Gaßmann (Heilbad Heiligenstadt)
    Gramß (Sonneberg)
    Lindig Fördertechnik (Eisenach)
    LEONI PCS (Schmalkalden)
    u. v. m.