Isar Medizin Zentrum: Knowledge, technology and geniality

The Isar Medical Centre in the heart of Munich is a unique medical service centre. Between a historic architecture and a modern interior, clinic operation and out-patient treatment are united under one roof. For that purpose, the Isar Medical Centre is subdivided into the Isar Hospital (for subscribers to any statutory health insurance), the Pettenkofer Hospital (for subscribers to private health insurances and direct payers), and the Specialist Centre. As a result, both out-patient and in-patient treatments can be offered. Should a recovery that was initially planned as an out-patient process turn into an in-patient admission, this can be done without wasting time and, most importantly, without changing the attending physicians.

Besides the professional expertise of the physicians, patients admitted into the Pettenkofer Hospital benefit from a five-star service offering, second to none for a clinic operation: à la carte menu selection (with help from a dietetic assistant if required or desired), up-to-date and comfortable rooms, all beds equipped with entertainment sys­­tems, concierge service, and other amenities. The specialists at the Specialist Centre utilise state-of-the-art medical technology and, above all, practise a direct interdisciplinary exchange with colleagues in other specialisations.
Medicine of short distances is the key word that is frequently used in visions of optimal medical treatment. The Isar Medical Centre has adopted that vision, which it has continued to realise since its foundation in 2008. The departments of anaesthesia, sur­­gery, ENT, gynaecolo­­gy (without obstetrics), internal medicine, orthopaedics, radiology, and urology are headed by internatio­­nally renowned doctors. The twelve operating theatres with the latest equip­­­­­ment are affiliated with one of Germany’s the state-of-the-art in­­ten­­­­­sive care units, and the Specialist Centre houses about 40 specialists, who cooperate closely with each other and the clinics.

Upwards of 400 skilled jobs have been created in the Munich city centre by Isar Kliniken GmbH. The expansion continues: to the benefit of patients and the medicine of the future, as a combination of knowledge, technology and geniality.



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    Clinic and medical centre with state-of-the-art technical equipment for diagnosis, therapy and rehabilitation