INBI – Institut zur Förderung von Bildung und Integration: Recognising opportunities and opening up new horizons

INBI is an intercultural educational institution that promotes equal opportunities and equal access for all to education, vocational training and the employment market. The team at INBI is organised both on an intercultural and an interdisciplinary level.

The work of INBI is based on three “pillars”. Firstly, INBI carries out much preliminary training, advanced and in-service vocational training for Germans and immigrants who have been disadvantaged in the educational and occupational fields, together with model projects and workshops on topics such as intercultural competence and opening. In addition, INBI has carried out educational and integration work at federal, state and municipal level in Germany for many years, including through committee work and networking in order to help improve basic political and legal conditions here.

Frau Nemazi-Lofink

Finally, academic support and advice in the ­areas of education, migration, integration and Islamist radicalisation are a central element of INBI’s work. Evidence of the quality of this work are the many awards and prizes.

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    Peimaneh Nemazi-Lofink (Institutsleiterin)

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