Hutchinson GmbH: A career in rubber – over 150 years in Mannheim

Paris-based Hutchinson is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and processors of high-quality elastomer and plastic products for the motor vehicle manufacturing industry, the air and space-travel industry and the general manufacturing industry. Hutchinson is the market leader in many areas. In 2010 Hutchinson earned sales of 2.72 bil­lion euros with 28,600 employees at 95 loca­tions in 21 countries.

Hutchinson GmbH Mannheim, the location of its German headquarters, develops and manufactures plastic fluid systems (water and air) for the auto­mobile manufacturing industry. It also develops rubber hose systems (auto­motive) in Mannheim, which are then made in Hutchinson plants in Western and Eastern Europe. As well as development and production, Mannheim is also the location of Hutchinson’s compound plant which produces rubber mixtures for further processing at Hutchinson plants. A large share of the turnover earned in Mannheim is the sale of rubber and rubber-metal products, which are also produced in Hutchinson plants worldwide. Other plants belonging to Hutchinson GmbH in Germany are in Aachen for production and sale of sealing systems for the automobile manu­facturing industry and in Esch­born for sale of adhesives and sealants.



  1. Address

    Hansastraße 66
    D-68169 Mannheim
    Telefon +49 (0) 621 3971-302
    Telefax +49 (0) 621 3971-397

  2. Year Of Establishment

    1853 France
    1860 Mannheim
  3. Business Activity

    Transmission Systems
    Sealing Systems
    Fluid Transfer Systems
    Antivibration and Isolation
    Defense and Security