Herkunftsverband Thüringer und Eichsfelder Wurst und Fleisch e.V. – Unique throughout Europe – Over 600 years of ­sausage-making tradition in thuringia

The German art of sausage-making enjoys an excellent reputation all over the world. And there’s no doubt at all that Thuringia is one of Germany’s best-known sausage-­making regions. The “Thüringer”, as it is known in German, has long been a synonym for top quality.

Besides the Thuringian “Red Sausage”, “Liver Sausage”, the “Greußen Salami” and the “Eichsfeld Feldkieker”, the Thuringian “Roasted Sausage” is one of the five originals that enjoy EU-wide protection. For the high calling of Thuringia’s sausage-­making arts, it is Germany’s best-known sau­­sage speciality and is an ambassador and standard-bearer for Thuringia.

The “Herkunftsverband Thüringer und Eichsfelder Wurst und Fleisch e.V.” is committed to preserving the high quality standards for Thuringian and Eichsfeld sausage and meat. In its 20-year existence, it has succeeded in organising 23 major production companies and about 175 butchers’ guilds, which represent 90 per cent of Thuringia’s sausage and meat producers, into an industry association. The Association sees its core task as protecting and carrying out marketing activities for this umbrella brand for Thuringian sausages with a protected geographical origin. This is to ensure that if it says “Thuringia” on the label, “Thuringia” will be inside, too!


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    Uwe Keith

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    Brand protection, control and
    marketing activities connected
    with Thuringian sausage-making.