HerbaPack GmbH – 100 per cent organic – Naturally

Herbapack GmbH is one of the leading companies in Germany in the development and manufacture of organic trade brands for tea and spices.

Our main strengths are the quality of our raw commodities, our flexibility in packaging and product development and our single-source production in which all production steps, from processing raw commodities to packaging, are carried out in our company.

Our production, which consists of a ware­­house with over 2,000 pallet places, a comprehensive herb and spice milling plant, a bottle-filling plant for edible oils and various packing machines for tea and spices, can cater for customers requiring large quantities and flexible production of small loads.

Long-term quality and genuine enjoyment are the principles of HerbaPack.

To achieve all this, we work exclusively with natural and unaltered raw materials that are subject to the strict quality standards of organic agriculture – without any chemical-synthetic pesticides or fertilisers.

We produce long-lasting and seamlessly traceable foodstuffs for health-conscious diet and the worry-free treatment of our natural environment.



  1. Address

    Citrusstraße 11
    37318 Kirchgandern
    Tel +49 36081 684-0
    Fax +49 36081 684-28
  2. Management

    Jan-M. Müller
    Ruedi Lieberherr
    Jörg Anderegg

  3. Certification

    EU-Bio, IFS 6, Naturland-Partner,
    Fairtrade, Bio Suisse

  4. Year of establishment

    2001, Neugründung 2013

  5. Business activity

    Production and sales of foodstuffs –
    tea, herbs and edible oils –
    from controlled organic cultivation