Henning Wossidlo: Stylish ambience with modern service and technology

Trade fairs and conferences, especially in the fields of the medical and natural sciences, have a long tradition in Wies­­baden. Thanks to a wide variety of con­ference and meeting venues, Hessen’s state capital enjoys the reputation of a stylish event destination – without letting its reputation get the better of it. Lavish renovation and restoration work as well as continuous modernization ef­­forts have created a perfect symbiosis between historical building materials and modern technology; a combination that event organizers, as well as trade fair and conference participants, hold in high esteem and don’t want to miss.


The Wiesbaden Kurhaus, which cooper­­a­­tes closely in numerous fairs and con­­ferences with the Rhein-Main-Hallen Wies­baden, also located in the city centre, re­­p­­resents this symbiosis like almost no other location. The multi-functio­n­­al Kur­haus, opened in 1907, underwent a gen­­eral renovation at the end of the 1980s and experienced a façade renovation, among other things, in the year 2009. The impressive foyer with its 21-metre-high dome is useful for glamorous re­­ceptions as well as for industrial ex­­hi­­bi­­tions, and the numerous rooms in the Kurhaus and the winter garden form the ideal space for conferences and sym­­po­­siums. The Friedrich-von-Thiersch Room, with seating for more than 1,000 guests, is a venue for formal re­­ceptions at conferences and fairs as well as a concert stage for noteworthy orchestras and a ballroom to be used at social high­­lights. The demand for modern ambi­en­ce – whether for seminars, conferen­ces, exhibitions or promotional and ad­­vertising events – is also fulfilled by the three rooms in the neighbouring Kur­haus Colonnade.

The exceptional comfort of the Wies­ba­den Kurhaus and its Colonnade is per­­fect­­ly complemented by good accessi­bi­­l­­ity and outstanding parking availability. A landscape in front of the Kurhaus decorated by two impressive cascade fountains, the so-called Bowling Green, conceals a parking structure with space for around 520 vehicles. Guests arriving by car can find their way to the Kur­­haus either via a double row of sycamore-lined walkways or underground via the elevator. The Bowling Green has long been established as an exciting location for open air concerts and is counted among the most popular open air stages in Ger­­many, along with the Waldbühne in Ber­­lin and the Königsplatz in Munich.
Stars from classical and pop – including Domingo, Pavarotti, Carreras or Eric Clap­­ton, Lionel Ritchie and Elton John – have inspired more than 10,000 visitors in front of the splendid backdrop of the Kurhaus.


Functionality and convenience, as of­­fered by the Rhein-Main-Hallen Wiesbaden with its approximatly 20,000-square-metre exhibition space and its large confer­­ence hall for up to 3,000 guests, are more and more in demand in combination with an exceptional location.
The hunting lodge located next to the Wiesbaden Kur­­haus can offer space and the stylish ambience needed for trade fair and con­­ference banquets, formal receptions or entertaining and informative get-togethers for the participants. This gem, not far from the city centre of Wies­baden, claims its own uniqueness – and fulfills the de­­mands of mod­­ern infrastruc­­ture. This Renaissance building from the year 1826 was de­­stroyed in World War II and its ruins were a sightseeing destination from the 1990s; today, after several years of renovation and restoration work, it presents an ideal location for events of all kinds. The old architec­ture, a new glass roof and a unique ob­­servation platform allow the castle lod­­ge to be attractive as an ex­­traordinary lo­­cation for a total of up to ap­­proximately 600 guests.

Customers of the Wiesbaden Kurhaus include international corporations as well as large banks and insurance com­­panies. They gladly rely on the in-house Congress Service, which on request can provide logistics, technology, ad­­min­­istration of events and hotel accommodation as well as the organization of supporting programmes, including pop­­ular and entertaining tourist attractions in the nearby Rheingau region. Kur­haus Wiesbaden GmbH is also a member of the Wiesbaden Congress Al­­­­li­ance, which combines large event centres in the city from sectors such as the Wies­baden hotel trade as well as patrons from in­­dustry. The Congress Alli­­ance, under the general management of Wies­­baden Marketing GmbH, presents the service offerings of its partner as un­­der the roof and thus contributes to sharpening the state capital of Hessen’s reputation in the national and international market as an attractive destination for fairs, con­­ferences and meetings.

The historic façade of the Wiesbaden Kurhaus, which can also be booked as a whole, conceals a modern event ad­­min­­istration system with the latest tech­­nol­­ogy: The rooms can be connected via central control for audio/visual and acous­­tic content, and simultaneous interpreta­­tion is available as well as radio and television broadcast.


Kurhaus-Gastronomie Gerd Käfer & Ro­­land Kuff­­ler GmbH provides a wide variety of culinary offerings in the elegant, impressive and opulent Kurhaus, which runs a popular restaurant in the French Brasserie style, enjoyed by Wiesbade­ners and guests alike, as well as a beer garden in the Kurpark and an art nouveau restaurant in the Wiesbaden casino inside the Kurhaus.


1059Born in Münster in 1950, the author has been employed at the Kurhaus Wies­ba­den operations since 1985; since 1996 he has been director of spa and exe­­c­­u­tive director of today’s Kurhaus Wies­­baden GmbH. Previously he completed training in Münster as a hotel and restaurant ad­­ministrator and holds a de­­gree from the Hotelfachschule Heidelberg as a state certified graduate in business management.