Heidelberg Marketing GmbH – Convention Center Heidelberg „Stadthalle“

Heidelberg is a city of science and a strong business location. Research institutions and national and international companies regularly hold conferences and other meetings here. However, the well-known Heidelberg “Stadthalle” cannot accommodate all those who wish to use these facilities for conferences or meetings. With this in mind, the new inner-city “Bahn­­stadt” suburb on the site of the old Heidel­­berg railway marshalling yards will offer ideal design and development options and is very well connected to public transport services.

A new building will be built here which will emphasise Heidelberg’s function as a socially responsible property developer. As a tangible result of this claim, the city aims to achieve DGNB certification in Gold which will be accompanied by a planning programme that is intended to be unique.

The heart of the Convention Center – the „Große Saal“ for conferences, congresses, fairs, exhibitions, concerts and balls.

During a six month planning stage, a team of experts from the private sector, the university, event companies, technology companies and catering companies developed a planning programme with the added support of citizens, which managing director Matthias Schultze from the German Convention Büro called a unique process.

In keeping with the motto “Modern conferences and romantic celebrations!”, the interplay between the modern conference centre and the wonderful “Stadthalle” in the heart of Heidel­berg will be a unique selling point for attracting numerous events to this city on the Neckar.

  1. Address

    Neuenheimer Landstraße 5
    69120 Heidelberg
    Tel +49 6221 5840201
    Fax +49 6221 5840209

  2. Management

    Mathias Schiemer

  3. Completion of the Conference Centre

    Planned for 2021

  4. Cost

    65 million euros

  5. Business activity

    Conference centre, meeting venue,
    seminar rooms, concert halls