Hectronic GmbH – Internationally active with its roots in the Black Forest

Products and solutions from Hectronic are characterised by innovative parking systems and petrol station technology, from individual products through to intelligent systems solutions. The company has its roots in Switzer­­land and in Germany: at the company’s head offices in Bonndorf in the Black Forest, it still combines Swiss precision with German engineering skills today. Around 300 employees and over 70 sales and service partner worldwide guarantee custom­­ers comprehensive service.

In the field of professional parking area ma­n­­­age­­ment, high standards are applied to equipment and software. The systems must be just as reliable on large public parking lots as on small, enclosed parking areas, from parking ticket machines via manage­­ment software through to intelligent apps.

In modern tank contents and petrol station management, Hectronic offers a wide range of options with its customised solutions for company, fleet and public petrol stations ranging from individual components through to fully-integrated shop solutions.

And what applies to Hectronic solutions is important in-house as well. With over 20 trai­n­ees and apprentices, a modern training work­­shop and a highly-respected vocational training cooperation arrangement with its neigh­­bour­ing company Dunkermotoren, Hectronic has made a considerable investment in its future.

  1. Address

    Allmendstraße 15
    79848 Bonndorf
    Tel +49 7703 9388-0
    Fax +49 7703 9388-60

  2. Management

    Stefan Forster

  3. Year of establishment

    1928 Gründung Kienzle
    1964 Gründung der Hectronic GmbH

  4. Business activity

    Petrol station systems
    Petrol station payment systems
    Tank contents management
    Parking area management
    Parking systems management (apps)