Handels- und Industriepark Wellsee e.V.: Committed in many ways

The trade association “Handels- und Indus­­triepark Wellsee e.V.”, or HIP-Wellsee for short, was originally founded to represent the interests of companies located in Kiel-Wellsee. Meanwhile, the association covers a much wider spectrum. The purpose of the association is always to be guided by a long-term sustainability strategy within the framework of social responsibility. Economic, ecological and social aspects are considered equally important.

Energy procurement, energy efficiency, climate protection. Membership is not solely reserved for companies that are based locally. Other com­­panies may also join Kiel’s trade association as supporting members. Amongst others, they benefit from the cheap, collective procurement of energy, and moreover, the association sup­­ports energy efficiency and climate protection.

Cooperation between schools and the economy. Together with the state government, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the Chamber of Handicrafts, HIP-Wellsee supports the “cooperation between schools and the economy” project. The aim is to improve the graduates abilities for a future apprenticeship.

Initiative “HIP macht Schule” (HIP at schools). By means of the initiative “HIP macht Schule”, HIP-Wellsee supports schools with “school funding” (including for learning materials). “With relatively little money and a lot of dedication, we can achieve a great deal,” says Thorsten Schlüter, chairman of the association.



  1. Address

    Edisonstraße 44
    24145 Kiel
    Tel +49 431 71757-16
    Fax +49 431 71757-22

  2. Chairman of the association

    Thorsten Schlüter

  3. Commercial properties available

    Currently, there are 25 ha available.
    The largest space available at this moment measures 40,000 sqm. Starting at 1,000 sqm, the property lines can be drawn individually and are available immediately.