Gebr. SAACKE GmbH & Co. KG – Precision tools and tool cutter grinding centers

For more than 100 years, SAACKE is known worldwide for the experience in producing precision tools and tool and cutter grinders. In 1892, our family business started in a first step with the standard production of tools. Industry had an ever greater need for low-cost machine tools. In 1932 this led to the development and production of tool grinders at SAACKE. Since the beginning, our products have set the standard in quality and precision. Nowadays our experience and latest technologies are incorporated in our products. Thus originate the innovations which we can rely on in the future.

The machine Model UW I D is designed with a spindle capacity of up to 36 kW and a 12-station grinding wheel changer with an extremely short changeover time. A variety of loading systems with highly developed clamping concepts put the finishing touch on this innovative machine concept.

The latest generation of the tool grinding center UW I F provides many additional innovations and improvements. In an extremely compact design, the new UW I F now offers many efficient enhancements to make the production process more simple, quick and accurate. In addition, our company introduced the JUTEC® tool generation in 2016, which has now established itself among renowned gear and gearbox manu­­facturers.

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    Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. Georg K. Saacke
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