FUMT R&D GmbH: Development of new composites and coatings

FUMT R&D GmbH works with a new business model linking university-­based research and demand for practical applications in industry. Results from scientific research are adapted and further developed into solutions or new products. One main focus is on “refining materials” and filled polymer systems.

The functional micro and nanostructures created in cooperation with Kiel University are produced and constantly further developed by the FUMT R&D GmbH under the CSP brand.

FUMT R&D GmbH also maintains a close collaboration with the “FPT Fluid und Prozesstechnik GmbH” and the “Teyfel Automation GmbH” for the practical use of new materials. The “FPT Fluid und Prozesstechnik GmbH” is also the sales and consulting platform for CSP polymer composites and the required application technology.csp-logo

This partnership structure provides our customers with the entire range of process technology and special plant construction for the marketable implementation of new products. This also makes it possible to provide complete solutions (all the way to the finished product), even when complex customer demands are involved.


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    Kaiserstraße 2
    24143 Kiel
    Tel +49 431 7054186

  2. Management

    Hartmut Schmidt-Niepenberg

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    Funded research projects
    Individual orders as developer for industry

    Scientific studies
    Project planning
    Project implementation