Fraunhofer-Institut für Werkzeugmaschinen und Umformtechnik IWU: Producing efficiently for the future

As leading institute for resource-effi­cient production, we are your re­­search and development partner in the sunrise branches of automotive and me­­chan­­ical engineering. We de­­vel­­op intelligent pro­­duction systems and effi­­ciency tech­­nol­­ogies for the manufacture of body and power train components, and we optimise the related forming and cutting production processes. Regarding the lack of resources, a most efficient use of raw materials and energy is essential. In this context, material and energy-effi­­cient innovations for com­­plete pro­duc­­tion engineer­ing proc­­ess chains are the focus of our research work. In co­­op­­eration with part­­ners from mechanical engineering and the automo­tive indus­­try, we develop solutions to improve resource efficiency and prepare them for industrial implementation.

With a staff of about 450 employees in the key com­­petencies of machine tools, form­­ing and metal cutting, adaptronics/mecha­tronics, joining and assembly tech­­nol­ogy as well as virtual reality, we are currently one of the most important research and development facilities in the field of production sciences. In the future, we will systematically pursue the strategy of a production optimised by re­­source efficiency.



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    Research and development
    for production technology