EVER Pharma JENA GmbH: Sterile dosage forms for the global market

EVER Pharma Jena is a group-independent manufacturer of high-quality sterile pharmaceuticals. Specialised in crystal suspensions, hormone products and implant technology, EVER Pharma Jena manufactures not only for companies in Germany but also for generic drug companies as well as numerous originators worldwide, including well-known international pharmaceutical com­­panies. Besides a large range of ampoules, EVER Pharma Jena also produces prefilled syringes and sterile implants.

The origins of today’s EVER Pharma Jena go back to the year 1950, when a pharmaceutical company by the name of Jenapharm was founded with the aim of supplying the former GDR and large portions of Eastern Europe with medicine. Based on many years of existence, experience and accumulated know-how, the sterile production of Jena­pharm led to the emergence in 2001 of JENAHEXAL Pharma GmbH. JENAHEXAL is developing into a highly modern pharmaceutical service provider for the development, production and assembly of sterile dosage forms. As part of the constant expansion of the service portfolio, 2004 saw the introduction of implant production (innovative application systems for hormone therapy), while the filling of ready-to-use syringes was added in 2007. The portfolio is completed by comprehensive full service for testing and approving sterile dosage forms as a pharmaceutical service provider. By com­pletely modernising its clean room area in 2009, EVER Pharma Jena emphasised its quality objective: assuring the highest GMP standards of production and safe­­­­guarding the future. With an investment volume of about seven million euros, those manufacturing areas were brought up to date in order to meet growing and future requirements. Our GMP and EN-ISO certifications demonstrate our high quality standards as do the years of trust from more than 40 customers worldwide. The company’s transition from the Sandoz Group to the Austrian EVER Pharma GmbH in 2011 and its rebranding as EVER Pharma Jena have paved the way for consistent development into an international specialist for sterile pharmaceutical production.

The transfer of the firm in 2011 from the Sandoz Group to EVER Pharma GmbH of Austria was a logical continuation on the path to becoming a globally active specia­list in sterile drug manufacturing. As a manufacturer for well-known pharmaceutical companies through­­­­­­­­out the world, EVER Pharma Jena not only delivers top performance and out­­­­­stan­­­ding drug manu­­­­fac­tu­ring conditions but also high­­­ligh­ts its ex­­pertise and inno­­­­vative str­­ength in providing support with the de­­­vel­op­­­ment of tech­­nolo­gically sophis­­ti­­cated products such as innovative im­­­­plants and prefilled syringes.




  1. Address

    Otto-Schott-Straße 15
    D-07745 Jena
    Telefon +49 (0) 3641 646-100
    Telefax +49 (0) 3641 646-077
  2. Year of establishment

    2001 JENAHEXAL Pharma GmbH
    2012 EVER Pharma Jena GmbH
  3. Business activity

    Production of sterile pharmaceutical
    products in the medical field