EnviroFALK GmbH Prozesswasser-Technik: With us water becomes a factor of pure quality

Today, EnviroFALK is one of the first addresses for water treatment for industry, commerce, hospitals and lab­oratory and medical technology.

Resource-efficient solutions are often possible only by using a combination of various treatment processes. The processes which are suitable for water treat­­ment depend in particular on clean­­ing requirements, the type of impurities and the conditions of the production processes. Targeted treatment thus reduces operating costs and ensures a continual cleaning process.

Peter Leyendecker, managing director and spokesman for EnviroFALK says: “With the down-to-earth nature and honesty of us here in the Westerwald, others often agree that, as a company, we are seen as being human and able. We are proud that many well-known customers rely on EnviroFALK for water treatment.”

EnviroFALK’s resource-efficient circulation technology, which returns treated water to the processes, is only one example of how it relies on sustainability when planning water treatment plants. By constructing one of the most modern regeneration plants for ion exchangers, EnviroFALK is also extending its comprehensive range of services.


  1. Address

    Gutenbergstraße 7

    56457 Westerburg

    Tel +49 2663 9908-0

    Fax +49 2663 9908-50



  2. Managing board

    Peter Leyendecker and Erhard Burggraf

  3. Year of establishment

  4. Business activity

    Manufacture of water treatment plants