emutec GmbH – Innovative solution from a single source – Combined competencies

Since its formation in 2002, emutec® GmbH has been active as a reliable and innovative engineering consultancy specialising in planning and implementing technical building services equipment.

The emutec group employs more than 100 people at seven locations. This makes for a wide range of specialised experts who enable the company to offer the entire range of general planning services from a single source. As a cornerstone of building services, the emutec group offers sanitary, heating, ventilation, electrical engineering and building automation. Special mention should be made of its core competencies in lifts systems, refrigeration, fire prevention, lighting and sprinkler systems and building simulation. The latter covers air conditioning and fire prevention through to calculations of electrical circuits for larger properties. To continue to develop its quality standards, emutec® GmbH works with a scientific advisory com­­mittee made up of representatives from various universities. Within the emutec Academy, executives, professionals and young talents receive support from a personnel development programme, including in their professional, methods-related and social competence.

These combined competencies are the guarantees for the success and growth of emutec® GmbH.


  1. Address

    Oststraße 11
    22844 Norderstedt
    Tel +49 40 309866-0

  2. Management

    Dipl.-Ing. Jörg Strömmer
    Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Winter

  3. Year of establishment


  4. Employees


  5. Business activity

    General technical building equipment
    (Low-pressure) refrigeration systems
    Heating/air-conditioning/ventilation and sanitation systems
    Building automation
    Sprinkler systems