Die Zieglerschen e.V. – Wilhelmsdorfer Werke evangelischer Diakonie

Full of life – are die Zieglerschen charitable institutions. The approximately 3,000 employees of our long-standing charitable social enterprise, with its headquarters in Wilhelmsdorf in Upper Swabia, offer senior citizens a life in dignity. They provide support, aid and advisory services to the disabled, to young people who have difficulties at home or at school, and to children and adolescents with hearing and speech problems. They help people with addictive disorders on the road to a life of abstinence and offer employment for people with disabilities.

Every year, we take care of about 6,500 people in different humanitarian fields at our over 50 locations in Baden-Württemberg in line with our Christian mission, including care for the elderly and disabled, our hearing and speech centre, youth welfare, addiction aid and integration at work. Our institutions are home to approximately 2,000 residents.

Furthermore, our foundation ‘Johannes-­­Z­iegler-Stiftung’ supports people in need and special projects in our fields of care that are not eligible for public funds. Moreover, the foundation carries out its own welfare projects for the socially disadvantaged, e.g. as a sponsor of the Vesperkirche Ravensburg, which provides hot meals for the needy.

  1. Address

    Pfrunger Straße 2
    88271 Wilhelmsdorf
    Tel +49 7503 929-0
    Fax +49 7503 929-210

  2. Management

    Gottfried Heinzmann (Theological director)

    Rolf Baumann (Commercial director)

  3. Year of establishment


  4. Business activity

    Care of the elderly
    Care of the disabled
    Hearing and speech centres
    Youth welfare
    Addiction aid
    Integration at work