Deutsche Bank AG Region Württemberg – Modern banking on your doorstep

By tradition, Baden-Württemberg is an important location for Deutsche Bank. Thanks to its predecessor banks, it looks back on a long history in the region. It all started with Württembergische Vereinsbank, which was founded in Stuttgart in 1869. A number of business relationships that still exist today date back to this predecessor. After decades of collaboration, Württembergische Vereinsbank ultimately merged its branch network with Deutsche Bank in 1924. In the South-West region, with Stuttgart as the main location, clients are served by over 1,700 employees in 54 branches.

Despite being deeply rooted in Baden-­­Württemberg, Deutsche Bank also gives clients access to an international network. It offers a wide range of financial services from payment processing and lending activities to investment advice and asset management, right through to all types of capital market business. Customers include private clients, small and medium-sized enter­­prises, groups of com­­panies, public authorities and institutional investors. As Germany’s leading bank, Deutsche Bank has a strong market position in Europe and a significant presence in the United States and the Asia-­Pacific region.

  1. Address

    Theodor-Heuss-Straße 3
    70174 Stuttgart
    Tel +49 711 125-1111
    Fax +49 711 125-2470
  2. Management

    Timo Renz,
    Andreas Torner
    Sprecher regionale Geschäftsleitung
  3. Business activity

    Privatkunden – Andreas Torner
    Firmenkunden – Thomas Keller
    Wealth Management – Alexander Mast
    Corporate Banking Germany – Carmen Mittler
    Global Transaction Banking – Oliver Fischbach