Detlev Bendel: Economic success is no accident – Wiesbaden as an ideal location

Wiesbaden is a city with good future prospects. The location’s ideal mix of hard and soft factors enriches the at­­tractiveness of the Hessian state capital. Wiesbaden enjoys a top reputation nationwide as well as internationally, which is confirmed again and again by the most current rankings. The city con­­tinues to appear at the top of the list among large German cities, particularly in economic power and infrastructure as well as purchasing power, founding of start-ups and quality of life. The ex­­cel­­lent child care offerings and the qualifi­cation of our employees also have out­­standing rankings in comparison in a national comparison.

We understand ourselves to be a part of the metropolitan Rhine-Main region in every respect and are embedded in a network of optimal transportation con­­nec­­tions in one of the most efficient urban areas in the world, with around 5.5 million inhabitants and around 2.8 million gainfully employed workers earn­­ing a gross domestic product of 69,000 euros per capita.


Living and working
Life is good in Wiesbaden – as a family or single, as a busy manager or a young graduate. Whoever comes here once usually stays for quite a while. Not surprisingly, the city counts as one of the most favoured residential areas in Ger­many. Here, the traditional meets the modern. In the splendid cityscape of the former spa town, which has long since left its old image behind and de­­veloped into a modern service metropolis, there are wonderful opportunities for life and work.

The special appeal of the city is certain­ly also a factor contributing to the in­­creasing growth in number of inhabitants for the future. In contrast to many shrinking cities, Wiesbaden will have an increase in residents up to 2020. And not only the Wiesbadeners enjoy the city; tourists and business travelers also glad­­ly come to Wiesbaden – over one million overnighters per year in the hotels and guest houses of the state capital are impressive evidence of this.

The right mix brings success
The wide palette of business fields in large industries sticks out in Wiesbaden as an economic centre: financial service pro­­viders, consulting firms, communications and IT companies take on a leading role. Thanks to the high purchasing power and excellent transportation connections, the retail and logistics branches are also prom­­inently represented. In addition, the Hessian state capital is well positioned in the industrial field.
Wiesbaden companies in the high-tech industry are at the forefront of global competition when it comes to image pro­­cessing, sensor technology and modern materials.


Networks of the future
In view of increasing work division and specialization, the key to success lies in the formation of networks and regional clusters. This was early recognized in the city and the construction of networks, such as for example the Consult­ing Clus­­ter or Logistics RheinMain, was jointly initiated and supported. We want to con­­tinue to actively shape the location to­­geth­­er with companies. This means, among other things, bringing network thinking into all important industries. In the fu­­ture, we would also like to include active net­­working in the creative fields and the health care industry.
A good economic environment certainly does not only depend on location factors alone, such as industrial real estate of­­ferings or transportation infrastructure. In Wiesbaden, we also see the people behind the records of success. We are proud of our good education landscape, outstanding health care provisions, a wide variety of leisure activities, our lively city centre and an open social climate. In summary: the best starting conditions for compa­nies and their employees!

Active economic development for the future
It is very important, however, not to rest on these laurels, but rather to bring the city forward together with the companies. This means not only utilizing the potentials of growth industries in the services sector, but also bringing the production industry and numerous skilled trade occupations into a successful future.


Our goal – now more than ever – is to cre­­ate new workplaces, keep existing ones and pro­­vide a good start-up climate. Our mu­­nicipal economic policies provide ba­­sic conditions that enable investment and support the economy.
The economic friendliness of municipal­ities is an important framework condition for success, especially for medium-sized businesses, and thus also for the prosperity of a city. Administrative of­­fer­­ings tailored to the needs of companies can tip the scales, for example, in the company’s selection of a location. Short, clear decision paths as well as per­­sonal consulting and administrative serv­­ices form a decisive ad­­vantage in the success­­ful realization of projects.
As an business-friendly mu­­nic­i­pality, we engage in the promotion of econom­ic development directed to­­wards comprehensive portfolio servicing and supporting newly founded companies on their path of development. This includes an active approach to the companies on location, because we want to know where problems exist. In addition, the state capital of Wiesbaden also offers tailor-made real estate at affordable pric­­es – ranging from offices in the “Start­­block”, our start-up foundation centre, to flexible spaces in the various industrial areas of the city.
With its unique combination of quality of life and an inspired work environment in a modern service metropolis, which still preserves the charm of the Belle Époque and has integrated it into mod­­ern working life, as well as the ideal lo­­cal conditions for companies, Wiesba­den will continue to be one of the top economic centres in Germany in the future.


IMG_1078The author was born in Wiesbaden in 1953 and is a certified merchant in wholesale and foreign trade. Detlev Bendel is head of the department for commerce and in­­dus­­try, personnel and hospitals of the state capital of Wiesbaden.