DAKO GmbH – We design the future of logistics with innovative ­telematics solutions in the commercial vehicle sector

Modern logistics are inconceivable without connected data exchange. Dispatchers face the challenge of filtering increasingly extensive information flows and making quick, but also well-considered decisions.

DAKO addresses these challenges with its web-based solutions and even takes things one step further: it combines precise data collection with intelligent data management. Telematics-support­­ed functions contribute greatly to this by connecting information from different sources, preparing it visually and analysing it.

The leading platform TachoWeb unites all of this and is suitable for cross-sector and modular extension for all fleet sizes. The portal also displays complex logistic processes in 360° and makes them more transparent. Thanks to the digitalisation and connection of vehicle and driver data, TachoWeb increases the efficiency of trans­­port processes and thus paves the way for Logistics 4.0

However, DAKO does not limit its vision to existing sector demands, but looks ahead into the future. With proactive participation in electromobility projects in commercial trade, the family-run company is positioning itself as a pioneer for innovative mobility concepts.

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    Telematics-supported software solutions for fleet management in the transport sector