Cytonet GmbH & Co. KG: leading in liver cell therapy

The Cytonet Group is a biotech company which operates on an internatio­nal basis; its headquarters are located in Weinheim/Germany, with further com­­pany sites in Heidelberg/Germany and Durham/USA.

Cytonet currently has 60 employees and develops, manufactures and markets cell therapy products using specially prepared human cells. For many diseases, these products could offer alternatives to existing therapies, such as organ transplants, or could ensure that a patient survives until a transplant takes place. In the liver cell therapy developed by Cytonet, cells from donor livers are carefully isolated and prepared with the help of a complex procedure. The livers used are those un­­suit­­able for transplant. In addition, Cytonet supplies blood stem cell and bone mar­­row preparations to treat leu­kaemia and other tumour-based diseases.

Cytonet is a spin-off of Roche’s cell ther­­apy division and was founded in April 2000. Dietmar Hopp and family hold a controlling interest in the company.



  1. Address

    Albert-Ludwig-Grimm-Straße 20
    D-69469 Weinheim
    Telefon +49 (0) 6201 2598-0
    Telefax +49 (0) 6201 2598-28
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  3. Business Activity

    Entwicklung, Produktion und Vermarktung von zellbasierten medizinischen Produkten