cadooz GmbH: With innovative worlds of rewards – Bringing digital applications together


cadooz is the leading incentive marketing company in Germany. With over 16 years of experience and nearly 100 employees at sites in Hamburg and Munich, cadooz generates more than 100 million euros in turnover annually.

The company founded in Hamburg is dedicated to developing high-quality and innovative product and incentive solutions together with customers. Our solutions are exclusively used by business customers for marketing campaigns for customer acquisition and retention or to motivate employees. They consist of developing bonus programmes, the use of gift cards, prepaid cards and other non-monetary awards. Thanks to its comprehensive range of services, cadooz is one of the leading providers in the industry. From DAX companies to the smallest companies, countless business customers rely on cadooz’s expertise.


cadooz connects people with brands and thus maximises the success of incentive measures. Emotions are what drives us. We achieve this by bringing innovative worlds of rewards together with digital applications. cadooz is part of Euronet Worldwide. Euronet markets digital and physical prepaid products globally through the epay brand. cadooz and epay form a symbiosis of ePayment and incentive solutions.



  1. Address

    Osterbekstraße 90 b
    22083 Hamburg
    Tel +49 271 482237
    Fax +49 271 48244

  2. Management

    Marc Ehler and Desmond Acosta

  3. Marketing and distribution

    Stefan Grimm

  4. Year of establishment


  5. Employees


  6. Business activity

    Incentive marketing company
    Product and incentive solutions
    Bonus programme development
    Full service provider in awards management