Burgenlandkreis: Come to the centre of Germany! We hold all the cards.

The Burgenlandkreis district is located centrally on the A9 motorway in the heart of Central Germany. Numerous famous companies from the food indus­­try, logistics, mechanical engineering, metal processing as well as the chemical and building material industries profit from our logistical location advan­­tage of shorter and faster connections in all directions.Weinbau-Kopie

“The future is not fate,” says district administrator Harri Reiche, who, together with the county council, facili­­tates reli­­able regional structural conditions for continuous business development. With a balanced energy mix, in which renewable energies are sensibly complemented by the bridging techno­­logy of lignite, the Burgenlandkreis district will have a safe and affordable energy supply, even after the energy turnaround, as well as a recycling perspective.LM-Minis_Hochformat

Through practical methods of coop­e­ration between schools and businesses, we endeavour to meet the regional companies’ requirement of skilled labour and to overcome the challenges of the demographic change. Thanks to the short distances to the universities in Leipzig, Halle and Jena, scientists are within reach. Why not try your luck with us in the Central German economic space? Best of luck!




  1. Address

    Schönburger Straße 41
    D-06618 Naumburg
    Telefon +49 (0) 3445 73-1308
    Telefax +49 (0) 3445 73-1199
  2. Area

    1,414 square kilometres
  3. Infrastructure

    Connections to the
    A9 and A38 motorways;
    Leipzig-Halle airport;
    ICE station of Naumburg;
    connections to the chemical sites ­
    of Buna, Leuna and Zeitz;
    over 180 daycare centres;
    cooperation with the Universities of Applied Sciences in Merseburg and Anhalt-Bitterfeld;
    Pforta state school