Bürgschaftsbank Hessen GmbH


Securities and funding for the benefit of the Hessian economy

Not every company founder or entrepreneur who is looking to invest is able offer their bank sufficient collateral for the loan they need. The Bürgschafts­bank Hessen (BBH) in Wiesbaden will gladly provide support in these matters. First, the concept to be submitted is evaluated. Is the company in sound fi­­nancial circumstances? Is it managed by highly qualified people? What are the chances for adequate long-term profits? If this evaluation is positive, the applicant receives a security or guarantee, which serves to complement or replace the missing collateral. This classic way to obtain a security often results in low-interest loans. The BBH collateralises operating loans up to 60 per cent and investment finan­cing up to 80 per cent.

Even those who have not yet developed well-established relations with a house bank can hope to obtain a loan. With its „Securities without a Bank“ (Bürg­­schaft ohne Bank, BoB) programme, the BBH supports not only start-ups, but also new and established companies. The BoB programme enables en­­tre­­pre­­neurs with convincing concepts to receive high-quality securities directly from the Bürgschaftsbank, which they can then use to apply for a loan at a bank of their choice.


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    Abraham-Lincoln-Straße 38-42
    D-65189 Wiesbaden
    Telefon +49 (0) 611 1507-0
    Telefax +49 (0) 611 1507-22
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    Norbert Kadau
    Michael Schwarz
  3. Supervisory board

    Harald Brandes
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    Granting of credit and participation guarantees